Ancestor 112 Francis Keatley

Francis Keatley was born about 1760 in Donegal, Ireland, however none of this is well sourced as his ship and arrival is not documented or has not been found. Francis did marry Elizabeth given as his wife only in history books.  No marriage record or surname has been found by me.

The earliest record discovered was in Augusta, Virginia, List of Tithables 1777-1778 Film#30312 image 15.

The Mercer County History book states:
Francis Keatley came to this country from Ireland prior to the American Revolution. In 1772, he had 14 head of cattle. He fought in the Revolutionary War in Captain Moffatt’s Company from Augusta Country.

Service under Captain Moffat’s Company is proven through delinquency records.

In 1779, he and his wife Elizabeth settled at the mouth of Indian Creek on New River.  Francis Keatley is listed in the Greenbrier County Virginia Personal Property tax record in 1782 and 1783.  Perhaps additional years following.  Later Monroe County was formed from Greenbrier County Virginia.  Also, mentioned under Surveys and Patents: 300 Brush 1787. He got brush rights, corn rights, and tomahawk rights.

West Virginia Estate Settlements, Ross B. Johnston ISBN 8063-0755-2 p. 172 list Francis Keatley, Will, with descendants and date of death.

“I Francis Keatley of the County of Monroe and state of Virginia, do make this my last will and testament in manner and form following, towit, first, I gave unto my Daughter Ann Two hundred Dollars to be paid in the having of William Wilson Sr at my death and to gave the same to her as her kneeds require it. Secondly; I gave unto my Daughter Caty, one hundred Dollars at my death.  Thirdly, I have one note on my son James of one hundred and twenty four dollars the note not recalculated at this time which note I wish to be destroyed on gaven up to him at my death if he remaining in his present situation if ill health.  Fourthly, I gave unto my two Grandson, namely James and Jonathan Roach fifty dollars each.  Fifthly, I gave unto my Daughter Hanah one dollar.  Sixthly, I gave unto my two sons namely, Thomas and William one Dollar each they having received the portion heretofore.  Seventhly, I gave unto my Daughter Elizabeth one dollar.  And eightly, after my death whatever may be left of my estate that is not herein disposed of I wished to be equally divided among my children herein named together with my daughter Polly; and I do hereby appoint William Wilson Sr and John Pack Executors to this my last will and testament revoking all other heretofore by me made, given under my hand and seal this 5th day of August 1833.”

A History of Monroe County West Virginia by Morton lists Francis Keatly as a resident under Keatly:
James (d.1809)
Henry ( James) C: James, Robert.
Francis (d. 1825) C. Ann, Kate, James, Hannah, Thomas, William, Elizabeth, Polly. One daughter married a Roach.
James. C: John, Joseph, Wilson, Henry, Henrietta (_____ Right), Nancy (_____ Saunders), Emily (_____ Halstead), Adaline B., Mary A.

Francis died in January 1825 and his probate is in Monroe County under Francis Keetley.  Francis is buried in Indian Mills, Summers County, West Virginia.