Ancestor 122 Capt Jack Hinton

John ‘Capt Jack’ Hinton was born on May 29, 1788, in Rockingham, Virginia, the son of Jane and Joseph.

So Capt Jack is truly a cad.  The town of Hinton, West Virgina is supposedly named after him.  As the story goes, Jack lead one of the Dickason girls to think he would marry her and ‘had his way’.  John Dickason and Ann Smith had two daughters and neither married.  They were named Sarah and Eleanor.  No one knows which Dickason daughter was the mother of Capt Jack’s child.  John Dickason and Ann Smith raised their granddaughter Anna Dickison/Dickenson/Dickason as their own daughter.  So the dna for the Dickason would be correct.  If Capt Jack is the father of Anna, some dna connections to the Hinton family should show up some day.

Capt. Jack Hinton died on March 29, 1858, in Rockingham County, Virginia at the age of 69, and was buried in USA.