Ancestor 163 Frances “Fanny” Howe

Frances “Fanny” Howe is an elusive grandmother.  There have been stories about her but other than being the wife of William Woodford, and mother of Mary Woodford Lance, much of it isn’t proven.

Frances was born about 1750 and likely in Virginia.  There is a myth that she was the daughter of General Howe of the British Army but it seems just that – a myth.  Her parents are unknown at this time.

What is interesting is that her daughter Mary’s deposition that she and her mother, Fanny, were both in Philadelphia with their father when he was posted there in his final assignment when his leg was injured.

Frances Woodford is on the 1810 census in Harrisburg, Rockingham County, Virginia as a single woman.

Fanny’s death is accepted as 30 April 1811 but I’m looking for the supported documentation.