Ancestor 88 William Armstrong

William Armstrong was born about 1767 in Augusta County, Virginia to William Armstrong and Jane _____.    Augusta County was formed in 1738 because Pendleton County was not formed until 1788 and was derived partly from Augusta County.

My ancestor, William Armstrong, lived in Pendleton County, Virginia near Doe Hill which later, in 1847, became Highland County, Virginia.  Yes, the changing borders do make it a bit confusing.  So even though William was married in Augusta County and died in Pendleton County, they both likely occurred in what is present day Highland County, Virginia.  My linage is through his son William Armstrong Jr.

William Armstrong married Elizabeth Jane Erwin on April 1, 1788 and the line of William:  John (Mary Wilson), Lewis, Jared (Martha Wilson), William (Eleanor Wilson), James (Maria Hiner), Jane (Samuel Wilson), Elizabeth (John Douglas), George (Christian Propst).  And, yes, there is clearly a close relationship with the Wilson family.

William died sometime before March 1834, in Virginia, based on Pendleton Deed Book 6, pages 343-344, where his children and widow, Elizabeth, are listed when two of the children sell their 1/7th land to their brother, William.