Ancestor 32 – Patrick Francis

Patrick Henry “Peter” Francis as born in 1774 to Andrew Francis and wife Mary.

Lewis West Virginia County Her People and Places edited by Joy Gilchrist-Stalnaker:

“Patrick Francis of Fauquier County Virginia
Patrick Francis, the son of Andrew and Mary Francis was born about 15 January 1774, in Maryland, raised in Fauquier County, Virginia and died 29 September 1862, in Lewis County, Virginia. On 1 May 1808 in Fauquier County, he married Sarah Ann Cockrell who was born ca. 1788, Fauquier County , and died 18 June 1874, Lewis County, West Virginia, the daughter of Anderson Cockrell. Both are buried in the Vandalia Cemetery, Lewis County. He raised a family of twelve childred: Mary “Polly” Jeffries, born 4 December 1809; Reuben born 28 August 1811, died 29 May 1873; Hannah Jane, born 20 May 1813; Margaret bron 23 December 1814; Henry Patrick, born 2 April 1817; Andrew Jackson, Born 10 February 1819; Joseph born 7 March 1821, died 21 July 1900; Harriet C., born 9 December 1822, died 11 September 1903; Owen Thomas, born 27 September 1824, died 1906, Iowa; Sarah Ann, born 25 May 1826, died 30 July 1855; John Robinson, born 8 February 1828, died 29 August 1913, Vandalia, Lewis County; and William Alexander, bron 29 March 1833.

Patrick, Sarah, and his children move to Lewis County about 1848 due to the political climate and/or lack of available land. Mary Married Andrew Reed, born ca. 1800, 12 December 1839, in Fauquier County, and raised four daughters. Reuben married Jane Cockrell, born 1813 and died 1895, on 16 March 1837, in Fauquier County and raised tow sons and three daughters. Reuben and Jane live in Lewis County and are buried in Vandalia Cemetery. Henry Patrick married Margaret Gordon, born 1821, 23 November 1840, in Fauquier County, and had five sons and five daughters. No death dates have been found. Andrew J. married Sarah Reed, 7 November 1842 in Harrison County, Virginia. Two sones moved to Calhoun County. Harriet C. married Thomas B. Owens, born 1816 and died 1895, 15 August 1848, in Fauquier County. They had four sons and five daughters and lived in Lewis County. Owen Thomas married Susan V. Meeks, born 1820 and died 1900, Iowa, on 21 July 1852 in Lewis County. They had two sons and two daughters born in Lewis County then moved about 1875 to Monroe County, Iowa.”

There is some evidence that Patrick Francis is Patrick Henry Francis. On, one of his sons, Andrew Jackson Francis, of KY, shows his father as Henry Francis married to Sarah Cockrell. The name Patrick ‘Peter’ Francis came from the 1850 census of Lewis Co, (W)VA when he was listed in the index as Peter Francis, so we have Patrick as Patrick ‘Peter.’  And so we have Patrick Henry “Peter” Francis. was born 15 January 1774 to Andrew Francis and wife Mary.

Patrick married Sarah Jane Cockrill/Cockrell, 1 May 1808 in Fauquier County, Virginia, and they had twelve children as follows: Mary Jeffries, Reuben Arthur, Hannah Jane, Margaret, Henry Patrick, Andrew Jackson, Joseph W, Harriet C, Owen Thomas, Sarah Ann, John Robinson, and William Alexander.

He died on September 29, 1862, in Lewis, West Virginia, having lived a long life of 88 years.  Patrick is buried in Vandalia Cemetery in Lewis County, West Virginia.