Ancestor 29 Susan “Susie” Harvey

Susan Harvey was born in 1827 in Monroe County, West Virginia when her father, Thomas Harvey, was 30 years old.  I wish more could be said here about her mother but her identification isn’t certain yet.  Also, this could be a Native American linage but is in no way proven.

Susie married John Keatley about 1851 in Mercer County, West Virginia. They had eight children in 17 years.

On the 1880 US Census Susan Harvey Keatley lived with John at the age of 55 years and three children remained at home, Allen, Henry and Birk (Burke).

On the 1900 US Census Susan Harvey Keatley lived with her daughter Burke at the age of 72. Susan was identified as a widow with 7 children and 1 child deceased. She could read but could not write.

On the 1860 Census in Mercer County, Susan Harvey Keatley was 35 years old with with husband John and children, Mary Jerimiah, Caroline, and Allen.

She died on March 1, 1908, in Mercer County, Virginia, having lived a long life of 81 years and is buried in the Keatley Cemetery, Speedway, West Virginia.