Welcome to Mary’s Folly – all about my family tree.  It may seem like a family tree is an exact science but it’s not!  It can change – so use pencil and not pen! Connections with your ancestors are sometimes just incorrect or maybe dna tells a different story with a non-parental event.

The motivation of this folly  is to honor ‘the thousand loves’ that went before me.  My interest started with my granny’s stories about her life and how different it was from mine.  Her stories so intrigued me that I wanted to know more about all of my ancestors and hope to solve some of the mysteries with those ancestors that are yet to be identified.  First, I had to get organized.  When I’m searching for a specific ancestor, I easily go down a bunny trail of a different ancestor.  Or I save stuff without recording the source.  So to keep me focused and organized, I decided to use a “Nine-Generation” chart shown below.

This site will give every direct line family member the number assigned on the chart.  To clue you in, my dad will be Number 2 and my mom Number 3 and so on and on.  Right now, I will stick to Nine Generations but who know where this will end – if ever?