Ancestor 108 Robert Simpkins

When Robert Simpkins was born on March 31, 1749, in Dutchess County, New York, his father, James Harrison Simpkins, was 20 and his mother, Little Raven Feather Lunk (Cherokee) took the name Eliza Simpkins. was 14.

He married  Macy Lawrence about 1775. Their children were:  Rebecca, John, James, Absolum, Lawrence, Robert, Sarah, Thomas P, and William.

Revolunary War Military Service  DAR Ancestor #: A104104
Service: NEW YORK Rank(s): PRIVATE

After relocating to Montgomery County, Virginia, Robert Simpkins acquired several tracts of land on the water of Meadow Creek, which he combined into one survey of 575 acres, (Survey 11-1-1911 record of Plotts Book E page 752) One of the tracts was the 124 acres that he had receive from John Lawrence, Sr he received an inclusive grant for those 575 acres on 10-10-1825, and n 10-13-1825, he and wife Mercy, sold 150 acres of it to Allen Crandall, (Ref Deed Book L, page 227) Robert next sold land on 1-4-1828, and no wife joined him, so we must conclude that Marcy was dead by that time (Ref Deed Bood K, page 80)

P 87/88 April 12, 1827 p 231 – Montgomery County Superior Court Order book 3

Unis, Rhoda Ann, Randall cases were all continued and a commission to take depositions of Elijah D. Meacham, Sarah Meachan and John Lawrence for the plaintiffs and Robert Simpkins, Massa Simpkins and Thomas Lawrence for the defendants.

P 89 Sept 19, 1829, p 336 Unis, Andrew, Reubin, Cana, Julius, Rhoda Ann, Randall, Phillis et all, these 4 cases had venue changed to the Superior Court of Giles. To take depositions of Elijah Meachan, John Lawrence, and Henry Carty for the plaintiffs and Robert Simpkins, James Simpkins and Thomas Lawrence for the def.

Quoted from the book “Descendants of Elder John Lawrence of Southwest Virginia and New England” by Ora Belle McColman…
“Robert Simpkins will, dated in 1830, was probated at the Feb. 1834 Court — provisions: That his debts be paid; to daughter Sarah for benefit of her three small children $262.30 with additional provision for children in a deed excuted to Asa Hall, the eight children of my daughter Rebecca Crandall, dec’d. $272.30 equally devided with additional provision by executors; son Thomas $166.68 and additional provisions in deed (Thomas deceased and Robert gave his part to Sarah 10-29-1831); son John $239.68; Sarah Ann two slaves and $111.68 plus provision of the above deed (she was the daughter of son Willism); to the five children of son Lawrence $229.68 plus provision in above deed; to Absalum $59.68; Robert Simpkins, son $1.00 in addition to provisions in above deed; William was deceased and named daughter Sarah Ann and Harrison.
Executors names were William Howard and Asa Hall (whom he replaced by William Elliott on 5-19-1831).
Witnesses were Thomas Lawrence, James Simpkins, William Howard and A.D. Montague.”

On page 196 of the book: “Descendants of Elder John Lawrence of Southwest Virginia and New England” revised 1999, by Ora Belle McColman.
“On May 4, 1801, Eld. John Lawrence deeded to Robert Simpkins for love and affection, plus $1.00 — 128 acres, part of the 590 acres he received in a Settler’s Patent dated 5-4-1801, on the waters of Meadow Creek and Little River, bounded by the patent line, corner to James Simpkins deed land, timbered ridge corner to James Simpkins deeded land, with appurtances thereto. He combined these 128 acres with other lands he had aquired into one survey of 575 acres and received an inclusive grant on 10-10-1825 (Montgomery Co., platts book E, page 752). He and Macey then sold 150 acres to Allen Crandell (their grandson), DB L, page 227. He sold another tract on 1-4-1828 but Macey did not sign this one, so she probably was deceased by that time (DB K, pg 80). (NOTE. A new state-of-the-art New River Valley Hospital has just been built on this 590 acre tract deeded from Eld. John Lawrence.)

He died on 12 January 1834 in Montgomery, Virginia, having lived a long life of 84 years.