Ancestor 176 William Armstrong

William Armstrong may have been born in the colonies, most likely Augusta County Virginia, or perhaps Wales as some histories state.  His birth and immigration are unknown but his birth is assumed at approximately 1740.  According to “A History of Pendleton County, West Virginia” by Morton, Oren Frederic, on page 337-338,  James and Robert Armstrong, brothers, settled one mile below Doe Hill in 1759.  So perhaps our William arrived with his father to this area of Virginia.

He was a men who owned land and had the standing to serve as a juror so that we might know of him.  William Armstrong, is recognized as a DAR (Daughters of the Revolutionary War) patriot number A207293 for serving as a Grand Juror in 1783 based on records from Creel, Augusta County Virginia Court Orders, 1774-1785, p 414.

Based on Will Book 3 Pendleton County, we know that his wife was called Jane, that he had at least three sons,  John, Amos, and William and lived in Doe Hill area of Virginia and died before October of 1814.