Ancestor 24 – Tobias Riddle

Tobias Riddle was born in Rockcastle, Kentucky in 1809.  I have to wonder if it was actually in what is today Rockcastle, Virginia because of the changing boundaries during that time frame and the subsequent locations where Tobias lived.  His parents are not certain but will hopefully be clarified in the future with dna testing.  Many have concluded that his father was George Riddle.  There were several George Riddle’s in the Virginia/Kentucky/Tennesee area on the 1840 and 1850 census – however, one George was in Pulaski County, Virginia in both 1840 and 1850 census.  It is assumed likely this was the father of Tobias but more information about George is elusive.  The 1850 census give Elizabeth as his wife.  Is this Elizabeth Bowman?  And is she the mother of Tobias?  The FTDNA group project of Riddle Y-dna has eliminated that Tobias Riddle was not part of the Moses Riddle line.  So Ancestors 48 and 49 are likely George Riddle and Elizabeth Bowman but until more information is available, I will leave them unassigned.

On May 28, 1836, Tobias married Sophia Robertson in Montgomery County, Virginia.  They had a total of six children (listed in order of birth):  Letilia, Thomas, Susan, Julia, Benjamin, and Cleophas.

1840 Sndx R340 There is a Tobias in Pulaski Twp p 201

1850 Census Smyth Co, VA 10th district p.206 – Tobias & Sophia have 4 children. Tobias has the occupation of “Moulder”

1860 Census Logan Co, WV, Huffs Creek p.42 – Tobian & Sophia have 6 children. Tobias’ estate is valued at $125. No occupation given.

Sometime at the beginning of the Civil War, Tobias made a difficult choice.  While most of his family was deep in Virginia and fought with the Confederacy, Tobias became a Union Soldier with the 8th West Virginia Infantry Regiment that changed the name in 1864 to the 7th West Virginia Calvery.  Based on the date and location of his death, he either fought in the Battle of Cross Keys that was fought in June 8 1862 or the Second Battle of Bull Run on August 29-30 1862.  Maybe both.

The suffering to die of jundance from a wound.  And away from the comforts of home and family.  Did Sophia go to him before he died?  Did she even know until afterward?  She was left alone with six children all still living at home.  The 1870 census will show that the oldest daughter was married and the other children were dispersed among relatives.

Pension Index: General Index to Pension Files, 1861-1934. Pension # 240449.   Tobias died, November 14, 1862, in Washington County, Virginia, from jaundice after an injury in the war age 53.

1870 census – Sophia not found yet which is why I consider she may have gone to his side.  Did she have any family support?  One brother was a confederate soilder who would end up spending a year as a POW before being released and returning to his home. Clearly the family took in the children, but what happened to Sophia?  The pension was filed for in her name in 1878 so she was alive then.  Nothing more.

Found Benjamin and Cleophas living with a Simpkin family in Mercer County.  This makes some sense since Sophia’s brother Charles Robertson married Catherine Simpkins so there was a relationship with the Simpkins family.  Tobias was deceased and Sophia’s location is unknown.

In 1882 the Mercer County West Virginia Marriage Book, Susan Robertson is given as the daughter of Tobias and Sophia so we know Susan was in Mercer County as well.