Ancestory 184 Capt John McCoy

Capt John McCoy is a proven DAR ancestor A075759 through his son Benjamin McCoy.  At the time this line was proven, it was the first time to be done down through the Benjamin’s line.

When Capt. John McCoy and his twin sister Elizabeth were born in 1735 in Virginia, their father, William, was 35, and their mother, Jane, was 24.

He married Sarah Oliver about 1759 in Virginia, and they had 11 children together.  They located in Highland County, Virginia, the former settling on the South Branch near Byrd’s mill. He there built a brick house which is still occupied. He was a justice and otherwise prominent in the early annals of the county.

Source:  James A. Blagg, Doe Hill, VA 24433, prepared for the Highland Historical Society:

Military: in 1758 his unit was in the Valley of Virginia when Fort Seybert
was attacked; they arrived at the fort after all the men were dead and the women and children carried away.

in 1762 in Mossy Creek, Augusta County, Virginia.  Property: Became a neighbor of the Wilsons, purchasing 141 acresfrom Samuel Wilson adjacent to his first farm  in Doe Hill area, VA in 1773.

In 1773 in Doe Hill area, Viriginia, one mile south of Doe Hill; built a log house on the site of home of Miss Leta Hiner; house was destroyed by fire in 1878

in 1773 moved from Augusta County to Doe Hill area. He died in 1796; at the age of 61

Military: Officer in the Augusta Militia in the Revolutionary War; a Captain by 1777. He asked to resign in 1781 because of his health.

Additional note:  Coming through Panther Gap most of his seed potatoes fell into the river and had their horses frightened away by wolves.

Name: John McCoy
Birth Date: 1740
Birthplace: Virginia
Volume: 113
Page Number: 412
Reference: Historical reg. Of Virginians in the Rev., soldiers, saliors and marines, 1775-1783. Ed. By John H. Gwathmey.
Richmond, Va. 1938. (13, 872p.):520

He died on August 7, 1797, in Doe Hill, Virginia, at the age of 62, and was buried in Doe Hill Cemetery in Highland County, Virginia.

From Find A Grave
The Highland Recorder June 11, 1964
A memorial service for Captain John McCoy (1735-1796) will be held at the Doe Hill Cemetery Sunday, June 14 at 3 p.m., with descendants expected to attend from many adjacent states and counties. The grave of Capt. McCoy on the Hiner farm near Doe Hill was recently marked by interested descendats and a Revolutionary War memorial marker was placed in the Doe Hill Cemetery.

Revolutionary War Marker for John McCoy, 3/4 mile south on the Jared Hiner Farm DAR #A075759

John McCoy’s Will transcription:
In the name of God Amen: I, John McCoy Senr. of the County of Pendleton and State of Virginia being very weak in body but of a sound mind and memory and calling to mind the mortality of the mody and knowing that is is appointed once and for all men to die do make and ordain this my last well and testament.
FIRST: I recommend my Soul into the hand of the Mercifull God who give it in full ashurence to keep it unti lthe general resurection whin I shall receive it again when soul & body shall unite and as for my body I recommend it to the Earth from whence it was taken to be buried in a Christian like manner at the Descretion of my Executors and as toutching worldly affairs which it please God to bless me with I desire & request that they maybe disposed of in the following manner Viz: I request that at all my moveable estate to be sold by publick sale and all my just and lawfulle debps to be paid first out of the money arising therefrom them. I give and bequeath unto my loving wife Sarah the one third of the residue, the other the other two third I give & bequeath unto my dutifull daughters Elizabeth Sarah & Jemime to be equally dived among them and unto my daughter Jane I give and bequeath the sum of Five Pounds lawfull money to raised and levied out of my personal estate. I bequest that all the land & tennements which I now live on and the Two additional Surveys joining to it with all the appurtenances there unto beloning to be sold at publick sale and the purchas money to be equaaly divided betwen my loveing & dutiful sons Robert, Oliver, William, John, Benjamin, Joseph & James McCoy at the descretion of the Executors after my son Robert has been paid first for his improvements. I likewise appoint nominate & constitue my two sons Oliver & William McCoy to be my faithfull & trusty Executors & to execute with Trust as is here perscribed as I protest & revoke all & all other wills & testaments that I have made or cause to be made from time to time. In witness whereof I have hereunto set my hand & seal this twentieth day of August one thousand Seven Hundred & ninety six.

Signed & sealed in the presence of Saml Burnett John Armstrong, William Armstrong, and John McCoy.
At a Court held for Pendleton County on Monday the 7th day of August 1797 this last will and testament of John McCoy Senr. Deceased was probaed i the Court by the Executors therein named and proven by the other of Samuel Burnett, John Armstrong & William Armstrong witness thereto and ordered to be recorded.
Teste: Z. Dyer, C.P. C.
State of West Virginia
County of Pendleton, to-wit:
I, Luther H. Eye, Clerk of the County Court of the county and state aforesaid, do hereby certify that the foregoing is true and perfect copy as the same appears and remains of record in my said office in Will Book No. 1 at page 281
Given under my hand and seal of said court this the 24th day of February 1938.