Ancestor 72/82 Adam Radabaugh

When Adam Christain (likely middle name) Radabaugh and his twin brother Heinrich were born about 1755 in Womelsdorf, Berks, Pennsylvania, their father, Johann Adam Rudebaugh/ Reidenbach/ Radabaugh, was 30, and their mother, Maria Barbara Fischer, was 25.  Adam’s birth is verified by his father’s will.

He married Elizabeth Catherine Simon in 1780 in Hardy, West Virginia.  They had six children:  George, Jacob, Christain, Elizabeth, Barbara Louise, and Benjamin.

The “History of Upshur County” by W.B. Cutright with material collected 1906-1907, page 539, 4th paragraph, gives information about Benton Radabaugh, as son of Adam Radabaugh and wife, Clara Eleanor Wagner.  It goes on to explain that Benton is the grandson of George Radabaugh  and the “great grandson of Adam Radabaugh, Sr., and Catherine Simons, who were citizens of Chillicothie, Ohio, at the time of their death.”  In the case of this writing, Adam Jr is referenced as a “Sr.” because he is the eldest “Adam”.  The table below provides and breakdown of the relationships in the paragraph.  Evidence for each generation is given in the “List of Documentation”.  The “History of Upshur County” by W.B. Cutright, 1906-1907, page 539, 4th paragraph provides acceptable evidence of the marriage of Adam Radabaugh, son of the patriot, and Catherine Simon.

Names Relationship Relationship to Benton Evidence
Adam Radabaugh /Catherine Simons Son of Patriot Adam Raudebaugh Great grandparents of Benton Radabaugh History of Upshur County
George Radabaugh Son of Adam and Catherine Simon Radabaugh Grandfather of Benton Death Record gives parents
Adam Radabaugh/Clara Wagner Son of George Radabaugh Parents of Benton Marriage record gives parents
Benton Radabaugh Son of Adam and Clara Wagner Radabaugh Death Record gives parents

This paragraph also provides evidence for the death of Adam Jr in Chillicothie, Ohio.  The historical society in Chillicothe, could not produce any additional records. Deed and chancery records were searched in both Chillicothie, Ohio, and Virginia with no results.  No guardianship record was located for the children.  No will has been found for Adam Radabaugh, Jr., likely because he was unprepared for death at his youthful age.

Indirect evidence will provide a reasonable conclusion that he died after 1806. The closeness of the death dates with Adam Sr., the patriot in Hardy County, Virginia, and his son Adam Jr., in Chillicothe, Ohio, are likely another reason for the confusion that has resulted with the mixing of their historical records.

More information from the “History of Upshur County” on page 540 that provides evidence about the son Benjamin and narrows the timeframe of Adam Radabaugh’s death. Page 540, states “Benjamin Radabaugh, who emigrated from Ohio to West Virginia, settled the farm now owned by his son Sandusky Radabaugh.”  The death certificate of Benjamin Radabaugh gives his birth as 1803 in Ohio does have the person reporting his death as “S. Radabaugh, son”.  As further evidence, the 1850 census in Harrison County, Virginia, has Sandusky in the household of  Benjamin Radabaugh and supports this family returned from Ohio.  Pulling out the pieces of information, and backward engineering them, it is reasonable to conclude that Benjamin was the son of Adam and Catherine Radabaugh.  Additionally, it provides evidence that Adam Radabaugh Jr.’s death was after 1803 when his son, Benjamin, was born.

Adam Radabaugh Sr.’s estate was settled in 1807, all of the assets were sold.  Many family member names were among those who purchased items; but not Adam Jr.  It is possible that was due to the distance of residing in Ohio.  It is also possible that Adam Jr was deceased after 10 September 1806 but before 1810.