Ancestor 64 Andrew Francis

Andrew Francis was born about 1740 however his arrival to the American Colony is unknown as are his parents.  FTDNA has a Francis project and perhaps more insights will be provided because there are many Francis lines.

Here are some rambling details with some answers and more questions about the father of Patrick Francis and husband of Mary.

Will of: Joseph Francis b. 1742 mentions Andrew as a witness so they may have been brothers:
Research done by Diane Pheneger in 1978. Joseph Francis died between May and August of 1822. Witnesses to his will were Andrew Francis and Eli Holmes, probably his and his wife’s brothers. No children were named. His wife’s name was written as Sybilla, though she was listed in the index to the 1830 Virginia Census as Sabetha.

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A Mrs. Zora Petty Billingsley in 1986 paid a Mr. L Ferror Lindsey of Salt Lake City to do research for her on the Francis Family. In his notes Mr. Lindsey indicated that he was unable to find many references to the Francis Family in Maryland and he indicated at one point that he was unable to tie the Maryland Francis to those in Fauquier Co., VA. He then checked NY, NJ and PA. He said he found a Henry and a Joseph Francis that moved to Fauquier Co based on the census records of Fauquier Co, VA. [note: they were already there]. He indicated that he found in Philadelphia a deed in which a Samuel Francis and wife Elizabeth, deeded a building to his son Andrew Gauthier Francis and his wife Sarah in early 1892. He also indicated that it appeared that Samuel Francis had moved from Baltimore, MD where he was found in the Maryland Census, to Philadelphia as an Inn Keeper. He identified a Samuel, a Thomas, a Joseph, a John who appeared to have remained in the Baltimore area. Then Mr. Lindsey found a will in Philadelphia, by Samuel Francis, in which he names Andrew Gautier Francis as well as other children. He goes on to say that he found no further record of Andrew Gautier Francis anywhere. Then without explanation he says that Henry, Joseph and Andrew all show up in Fauquier Co., VA. He further states that Andrew Gauthier Francis must have died about 1795 to 1802. In the family group sheet he gives Andrew Gautier Francis as born about 1760 and died about 1800 in Philadelphia, with his wife named Sarah (______); sons Henry B: ca 1777, Joseph B: ca 1780, Andrew B ca 1782 MD [note: Andrew married Elizabeth Hume in Fauquier Co] and Patrick Francis B: ca 1784. It appears that Mr. Lindsey placed those found in the Fauquier Co census as son of Andrew Gautier Francis since they were all born in Maryland without any documentation.. Mr. Lindsey evidently did not have access to the Fauquier Personal Property Tax Lists, which clearly shows Andrew Francis in each of the years starting in 1786 thru 1803, with his assumed sons listed as white males over the age of 16 during that same period of time, being shown when they became 16 years of age. Therefore, Andrew Francis and his sons were in Fauquier Co not in Maryland or Philadelphia. Mary (______) Francis is assumed to be Andrew Francis’ wife as she is shown in the Fauquier Tax record for 1804 with sons Patrick, Andrew and Henry. These same sons had previously been shown with Andrew Francis. Since, Andrew was not listed in 1804, it has been assumed he died about 1804. Andrew Francis was living in Fauquier Co, VA during the same period that Andrew Gautier Francis was living in Philadelphia. What all this means is that Andrew Francis of Fauquier Co, VA could not be the same as Andrew Gauthier Francis with wife Sarah (______) who lived and died in Philadelphia; and the sons of Andrew Francis of Fauquier Co were not sons of Andrew Gauthier Francis. The parents of Andrew Francis are still unknown. Andrew Francis of Fauquier Co, VA may have had more children, but no records exist to support additional children. Children identified from the Fauquier Tax record are: Alexander, Thomas, Joseph, William, Patrick Henry, Henry, Andrew Jr.; a daughter Margaret was identified from death records and burial in the Broad Run Baptist Church, New Baltimore, Fauquier Co, VA. Sincerely, Larry Francis

Additional evidence that Andrew Gautier Francis was not in Fauquier Co, VA
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Here is other evidence that Andrew Gautier Francis was not in Fauquier Co, VA. Found this on Family Search. “New York, Births and Christenings, 1640-1962,” Andrew Gautier Francis in entry for Andrew Gifford Francis, 1787 No image available Search collection About this collection Name: Andrew Gifford Francis Gender: Male Baptism/Christening Date: 02 Sep 1787 Baptism/Christening Place: TRINITY CHURCH PARISH,NEW YORK,NEW YORK,NEW YORK Birth Date: 11 Aug 1787 Birthplace: Death Date: Name Note: Race: Father’s Name: Andrew Gautier Francis Father’s Birthplace: Father’s Age: Mother’s Name: Sarah Mother’s Birthplace: Mother’s Age: Indexing Project (Batch) Number: C51059-1 System Origin: New_York-ODM Source Film Number: 974.7 B2N V. 90-93 Reference Number: It is hoped that you will correct your tree. Errors are misleading to other researchers. Sincerely, Larry Francis
Andrew Gautier Francis of MD?/PA versus Andrew Francis of MD/VA

Francis Family of Fauquier Co, VA

Androw (Andrew) Francis (B: est 1840 – D: est 1804) first appeared on the personal tax lists of Fauquier Co, VA in 1786. He and his family lived near Salem (now Marshall), VA. Subsequent records indicate that his children were born in Maryland. However, the ancestral line of Andrew Francis had not been determined. According to the tax records which list males over sixteen of age, Thomas and Joseph Francis first appeared in 1787; Alexander and William were added in 1788; Alexander is listed by himself in 1789, then disappeared after that date; William disappeared after 1793; Patrick first appears in 1795, Henry in 1800; and Andrew Jr in 1802. Andrew Francis is listed in the list in 1804, with Patrick over sixteen; then Mary Francis is listed with Patrick, Andrew and Henry. This would appear to indicate that Andrew died in 1804. It is therefore assumed that Mary Francis was Andrew Francis’ wife and mother of his children. Later tax records indicate that several of the sons lived at the community of ‘Oak Hill’ which is close to the home, known as ‘Oak Hill,’ of Chief Justice John Marshall. Other references to Androw (Andrew) Francis in the court records indicate that he had an estate of 200 acres, which must have been a lease-hold. Court records indicated that he had a plantation of 200 acres, exact location not determined, but in the vicinity of Salem, Rectortown and Atoka. No record of a the lease has been found. Nor has any record been found of where he was buried. It is estimated that he married Mary (______) (B: ? D: ?) about 1750-1755 probably in Maryland, and resided in Maryland prior to 1787 when he appears on the personal tax rolls in Fauquire Co, VA. Mary’s age and death have never been located. Children of Andrew and Mary Francis: Alexander (B: ca 1760 MD); Margaret (B: ca 1763 MD); Thomas (B: ca 1765 MD); Joseph (B: ca 1770 MD); William (B: ca 1772 MD); Patrick (B: 15 Jan 1775 MD); Henry (B: ca 1777, MD); and Andrew Jr (B: 25 Feb 1783 MD). Personal note: In the 1950’s I asked my grandfather if he knew where the Francis Family came from. He related that at one time there was a family history, however it was lost. Verbal information handed down was that my 5th grandfather Patrick Francis who settled in Lewis Co, (W)VA about 1847, came from Fauquier Co, VA and that his father was Andrew Francis. Where the family came from before that is unknown.