Ancestor 66/68 Anderson Cockrell

When Anderson Cockrell was born in 1744 in King George, Virginia, his father, William Cockrell, was 34 and his mother, Hannah Anderson, was 28.

He married Mary Johnson in 1765 in Virginia.  Their children in order of birth were:  William, Hezekiah, Hanna, Rosanna, Reuben, and Sarah Ann “Sally”.

Anderson died 7 September 1791 in Fauquier County, Virginia.

Anderson Cockrell’s will, prepared in Fauquier County, Virginia on September 7, 1791 (Virginia Will Book 2, Page 211), indicates that he was not a wealthy man as he left only a couple of horses and a few earthly possessions. The will states that he is very weak and sick but of sound mind. In the will, he left his daughter, Rosanna, “one dark bay mair” (Assume mair should be mare), and his son, William, “one bald face colt”. The remainder of the estate was to be kept together until the youngest daughter, Sally (Assume Sarah Ann), reached the age of 18 or married. At that point, the remaining estate was to be divided equally among the surviving children. Son, William, and brother, Jesse Moffett, were named executors. Since his wife, Mary, is not mentioned, it is assumed that she had already died sometime between 1780 when their youngest child was born and 1791. Also, since Jesse Moffett is indicated as his brother, it is assumed that Anderson’s mother, Hannah, remarried about 1758 after the death of his father between May, 1755 and 1757 (She lived an additional 34 years until 1791) and had two additional children (Jesse Moffett who was born March 2, 1759 and died August 31, 1832 plus Daniel Moffett born January 30, 1765). Records indicate that her second husband was Henry Moffett.

Abstracts of Fauquier County Virginia, Wills Inventories and Accounts 1759-1800

There is a Mary Cockrell mentioned in Revolutionary Soldiers of Faquier County as the wife of a soldier that needs more research.