Ancestor 86 Nicholas Heavner

Nicholas Havener II was born 20 may 1768 in Brandywine, Pendleton, Virginia (now West Virginia) to Jacob and Mary Mallow Havener.  The family migrated to what is now known as Upshur County, West Virginia, at a point on the Buckhannon River, where he purchased a tract of 400 acres of land from George Jackson, lying partly in Harrison and partly in Randolph Counties, including the former site of “Bush Fort”, near which the residence was erected.

Nicholas married Maria Sophia Propst and there children were:

Catherine, wife of John Dean,
Mary “Polly”, wife of Daniel Post,
Sarah, wife of George Radabaugh,
Elizabeth, wife of John Mowery;
Phoebe, wife of Kinsey Ward;
Anna, wife of John B Shreves;
Malinda, wife of Jacob M Harr;
Jane, wife of Washington Caplinger;
Jacob, born in Pendleton County Feb. 7, 1801 and married Mary Martin
Elias, born in Pendleton County, April 9,1805 and married Elizabeth Hyre.

Nicholas Heavner died August 3, 1843 in Buckhannon, Upshur, Virginia.